My top three personal goals for this year are as follows:

1. Pay off my credit card

2. Do some traveling

3. Get another tattoo

I’m hoping the third might be coming true in the next few months (Though getting #1 taken care of beforehand might be a good idea). I’ve been dreaming of the perfect tribute tattoo for my mother. After a year of pondering I have grown quite fond of the idea of getting her portrait done. My last two tattoos have been quite petite. I think I should be a little more daring this next time around. 

steven meisel | vogue italy christy turlingtonSimple DIY vintage silhouette plates! Cute!

1, 2, 3

Cameos and silhouettes have a sense of elegance and romanticism to them. They can be sweet, whimsical, and innocent like the vintage portraits of children and sweet hearts; they can also be quite sensual like the women captured by one of my favorite artists, Charmaine Olivia. I’m definitely going to take these images as inspiration for my next ink project.

Vintage Silhouette Charm Bracelet I HAVE THESEcameo ink  ---Learn how to make $500 to $3000 dailly! Click here:  http://www.earnyouronlineincomefast.comvintage silhouette

4, 5, 6.

I love how this style leaves a little to the imagination. It’s ambiguous, and yet, a little obvious. What a beautiful way to express my love and gratitude to the woman that gave me life.

<3, PJA

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