Nail Envy

I recently stopped biting my nails and I’ve been loving my new claws! To keep the no-biting-streak going, I’ve been looking for new ways to dress them up. This nail blog (or at least I think it is. Thats what I gathered from Google’s translation, anyway.) has me ooh-ing and ah-ing over their gorgeous nail art!


I’m not very talented, nor do I have time or money for a professional manicure. If I did, however, I would give one of these styles a try in a heartbeat!

<3, PJA

5 thoughts on “Nail Envy”

  1. How did you manage to stop biting your nails?! I’m still in the process of trying to get rid of the fake ones and grow out my real ones 😦 Bitings a habit that’s hard to get rid of.

    1. Funny enough, I started using OPI’s nail envy and it really strengthens your nails! It’s a bit pricey, but totally worth it! I also just had too much stressors in my life and I took it out on my nails. Now I dedicate my free time to doing things I love that keep the stress levels down like this blog! Keeping your hands busy really helps.

      Here’s a link for the OPI Nail Envy! I highly recommend it!

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