Tee’s Me Tuesday

When you’ve worked in retail as long as I have, you’ll come to a realization: people don’t read enough (this statement, however, does not apply to those who work in a book store or library). I made a vow to myself to read more!

These sweatshirts make me even more determined to dive into a piece of classic literature! If I ever join a book club, I’m wearing one of these bad boys to every meeting!

Fiction and Fashion

1, 2, 3, 4.

Have you read anything lately? Any recommendations?

<3, PJA

2 thoughts on “Tee’s Me Tuesday”

    1. Haha! A story I am very familiar with! I have about 3 books started right now myself:
      Still Life With Woodpecker
      Barrel Fever
      And Invisible Monsters

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