Soda Shoppe

back against the wallThe bad news: I’m catching a cold. I haven’t been sick since I’ve graduated thus making me a huge baby right now. The minuet I started to sniffle and felt my throat get sore, I started complaining and downing thousands of milligrams of every vitamin I come into contact with.IMG_9249Whenever I feel sick and I don’t have time to curl up in bed and watch Simpson’s reruns, dressing up somehow makes me feel a whole lot better! The brighter colors, the better! One of my favorite dresses from Modcloth and my new lipstick and eyeliner shades from N.Y.X seemed to do the trick yesterday!IMG_9257IMG_9264IMG_9267IMG_9313IMG_9325It was so blustery yesterday! I was so happy with the crisp chill in the air. That wind, however, mussed my do! I had to constantly brush it down with my hands in every shot. Oh, well! It made for some cute pics. Happy accident, I suppose!IMG_9339IMG_9351IMG_9362IMG_9365IMG_9369I got these chucks somewhat spur of the moment. I have been waiting for a pair to come along for sometime now. After a year of wishful thinking, browsing eBay for cheaper ones, and crossing my fingers every time I stepped into a Crossroads Trading Co., I broke down and paid full price for them. No regrets! These shoes are definitely paying off. I’ve worn them everyday since. 

<3, PJA

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