IMG_9368Jessie Marie and I spent a beautiful Sunday morning at the palace of fine arts. Between waiting for the perfect shot of these beautiful swans and climbing planter boxes in heels, this is quite possibly my favorite ootd post so far. IMG_9840 IMG_9826 IMG_9799 IMG_9772

It was a bit blustery, but for the sake of a good blog photo, I wore a dress with no tights. I had my eye on this Forever 21 dress for a while. At the end of the year when they were offering 50% off of their sale merchandise, I snagged the last one for 7 bucks.

You may or may not recall my post confessing my shopping sins over the holiday. This mint coat from Choies was worth every penny. I wear it quite often, actually, and it’s super cozy.

IMG_9687 IMG_9672 IMG_9639

I was lusting over these Seychelle’s after seeing Keiko Lynn rocking her blue suede pair. I scored these at (surprise, surprise!) Crossroads a few weeks ago. Not as comfortable as I thought they would be, but they’re too damn cute to care.

IMG_9620 IMG_9607 IMG_9490

This is such a beautiful and enchanting place. The architecture, the light, even the atmosphere just felt like magic. Definitely my new favorite place in San Francisco.

IMG_9485 IMG_9452

<3, PJA

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