What She Pinnin’?

I’m so sorry to keep you hanging! My birthday was last Friday and I had a very brilliant (and busy!) weekend. This week has been INSANE at work, so needless to say, I’ve been a tad occupied.
Between my hours on the clock and the hours I have to sleep, I decided I had enough energy to sneak in a post.
This W.S.P. is dedicated to celebrating simplicity and youth!Simply Complex

1.) As more birthdays come and go, I find age to be a very funny concept. Sometimes, I feel so “old”, when really I’m just feeling a little exhausted. I think I need to hang this poster on my inspiration wall to remind me that age a’int nuthin but a numba! 2.) This toothbrush holder DIY is so easy and so incredibly awesome. Must…find….dinosaur figurine! 3.) This gorgeous, girlish top has been running through my mind all day! I’m on the look out for tops or blouses (not button ups!!) to wear instead of the usual t-shirt with jeans. I may have just found “the one”. 4.) This leather bucket bag is simply adorable. Period. End of post.

<3, PJA

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