Peepin’ the Street

What a month! Crazy crazy days here for this PJA. Let’s break the silence with a little street action!

A few things I’m looking to incorporate into my closet lately: quirky separates, un-basic chambray and denim dresses, embellished jackets, cheeky costume jewelry, and an adorable doggie!!

7d96604859c05c0e8a46bf2ac17f7d77 00843c8b077a51fc974b0da9c9d8f651 1f0abc98d1c8b18b97c3756c0a63f20b 8ace89100cac87eef7a039ad5d8d9180 3e0c3940f36812aaf94f10825d8af5aa 9c91ca2af6527a05bd57a3cf65e52637 7fdf161009e4cf40cd1b95139eb065e0 4d9ac66e786a2df77333b2c7ae9dc456 5abf842d79ce3b62fddaf90f6c451fff


All images courtesy of Vanessa Jackman.

<3, PJA

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