A Bugs Life

For my birthday this year, the fella and I spent a wonderful, leisurely afternoon in the Botanical Gardens.


In honor of my 27th year on Earth, I wore my new, silk Joie dress covered in adorable invertebrates. Paired with my fave booties and beat-up denim jacket, I’d say this is an outfit worth celebrating!


We saw so much beauty in the gardens! I felt so lucky to stumble across this beautiful blue herring taking an afternoon nap.




I wear very little jewelry with exception to my mom’s wedding ring. My dear friend Vanessa gave me this adorable cake necklace for my birthday last year. It’s not a birthday party without cake, right?





This was probably my favorite part of the gardens! Walking through the tall stalks made me feel like a little ladybug.




Want to snag my birthday attire? Follow my Mavatar link below. I actually found my dress on super duper sale! A birthday gift from me to you!

<3, PJA


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