Sertsis Fall ’14

From the bobby socks to the pearly babuls. This might be late, but Sretsis’ fall 2014 inspired by 1970’s academia gets an A+ from me!b9c69b1688c031003f91822cfbcf7645 68d4545202bc0609e35f9e6a66bed9d5 60dd2421232ab1523ab7bf91f376cc51 86f4c0818fe78ea8d11617f1ae1029cb 373d7d2bcd4bbdaa43c2460630b331ce 3745e2bb71d816ffc888a7bd7cbc1e1f 60d23392fd6997d328e6d0ab677f2d6a 0771bfd22a6559db2fb52f81d62187ea 1b3ad45c72f3cb3925cc23135b301f05 99b8132e06a7ff557fe043fc351fb41a 63e4fdc376bc523a81cc273e58be7955 77708bdc572db0851d1001d033eddad1 1d9c50974a527b78e1f9e64a8031a740


Images courtesy of Sretsis.

<3, PJA

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