April May Accessories Feb ’15

Kimono-0208-2 Kimono-0192 Kimono-0183 Kimono-0162 IMG_1081 Heart Necklace-9994-2 Heart Necklace-9912 Heart Necklace-9897 Heart Necklace-9876 Heart Necklace-9865 Heart Necklace-0140 Heart Necklace-0123 Heart Necklace-0064 Heart Necklace-0027So happy to present my latest look book collaboration with April May Accessories. I had so much fun with this sultry photo shoot! These loveable designs and more will be available today on my girl April’s Etsy shop. Just in time for Valentines day! Send the link to your significant other if you need to drop a hint.

<3, PJA



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