Grave Dancing

PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0672

It was such a beautiful day last Monday, we thought it only right to pay a visit to the Mountain View Graveyard.PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0661 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0653 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0641

PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0628

My newest closet addition. I wasn’t totally sold on this cropped white shirt at first. After playing with different pant and skirt pairings, I found a home for it after all. Make it yours and pay a visit to my new favorite online shop for petit gals, Adela MeiPJA Mountain View Cemetary-0610 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0558

I’ve been searching high and low for a pair of metallic oxfords. Lucky for me, I scored these on eBay for a song!PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0467 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0447 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0445 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0346 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0333 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0329 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0327 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0324 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0318 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0309 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0284

I FINALLY found the perfect pink coat at H&M of all places. Never thought this would be as neutral as it is, but its become my cold weather go to. PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0302 PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0280


Isn’t it amazing how the most macabre of places can also be the most beautiful?

<3, PJA

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