Peepin’ the Street

Talk about fringe benefits! Leather fringe is really having a moment with the street style royalties this fashion month. 475cca104f2824fef40fa0c67e7e1732 396150363b57bfacad18c822ee38e38a 028d290b6d0062c80fe7f99b7d68eefc a6aa7894663c91a89cf9c999f2d0b4c5 d1de2a7cdd6a56a3bb127433763ab396 d4afa4b8644e3671b9de054e76407095 0aa04e99301c409d00fc472397f20343Images courtesy of


One thought on “Peepin’ the Street”

  1. I can’t get enough of the fringe trend. You know like in Wayne’s World when Tia Carrera wears that awesome 80’s white fringe leather jacket? I NEED that!

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