Blog Crush: Lazy Kat

Lazy Kat is the french, pastel, siren/style-maven of my dreams. What’s not to love about a gal who totally owns that My Little Pony tattoo trend? By the way, her nail game is so on point it should be illegal.60f776817a1b290413c649f6a24aee12 c1321540b30a3da0a216efdd4ef3cbd0 6c73cfdd55c32f3851118aade148c70f bcb04b1d3d32a13e27adc42701a786f2 ed60d31d31516b8352d0b5fbf86f989e 8327fc66aec45c2916993fb9787c8a95

Images courtesy of Lazy Kat.

ā¤ PJA

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