You Say its Your Birthday

I turn 28 today! To celebrate the big day, the other Jessie and I had some photo booth fun. Birfday Shenanigans-3402 Birfday Shenanigans-3400 Birfday Shenanigans-3397 Birfday Shenanigans-3396 Birfday Shenanigans-3389 Birfday Shenanigans-3379

Nothing says party quite like a red, 70’s jumpsuit!Birfday Shenanigans-3374 Birfday Shenanigans-3368 Birfday Shenanigans-3367 Birfday Shenanigans-3365 Birfday Shenanigans-3364Enough talk! I’m gonna go out and seize the birthday. 28, here I come!




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