Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Closet: Vivetta

Oh my stars! Vivetta, why must you tease me so? Nautical and whimsy in one extremely beautiful collection. Now excuse me while I go buy a lottery ticket.

1e2addedf0b79cbf1cdbcb8f2e3cfeb1 75312ee96ca856c763b8216bda5db252 d99e6a3a76530f81129c83bdf22f7987 ff221ed525bb070b8dd806dbd33d7869 5e708f743b4f1698cd9dfc0c6490a331 d02b00520cd8e566dabea6dae0874ae4 cb1c45482bd084c62af9814d3c020c09 096a65332b3a4ac55ae77f41eb4f5b3b 5911af553011439752a3ea96eaa4e100 06e4ce5bb9902b2369acd3b3c257c6b0 731339d1c3e21b5705e933ae64094104 7bbe8b36a85c83ddddf2cc16f401cac0

Images courtesy of Moda Operandi.


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