Dang Good!

Soda Edit-2429

Last weekend, Jessie Marie and I found this amazing mural in Alameda. I’m a huge fan of nostalgia and this vintage ad got us a little inspired!Soda Edit-2427 Soda Edit-2419 Soda Edit-2414

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this pair of overalls come through Urbanity. I had to make them mine, obviously. Soda Edit-2411 Soda Edit-2402 Soda Edit-2399

Two words: Butterscotch Root Beer. Ok, that’s three words. Anyway, it’s Dang good! You gotta give it a try.

Soda Edit-2388

What’s this?! Glasses?! Your eyes don’t deceive you. Firmoo heard my eyes were hurting, so they graciously sent me a pair. I normally only wear these in front of my glowing screen at work, but I thought I’d give them a little spot on the blog and show them off.Soda Edit-2375 Soda Edit-2373 Soda Edit-2367



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