Daylight Savings: Seize the Day!

So, Daylight Savings was, of course, LAST Sunday. In the past, it was a day I dreaded. I love my sleep, so falling back was always a time to celebrate. However, springing forward always seemed to be a challenge….until 2016!

PJA Pink House 2-16 hi-res (33 of 33)

We sprung forward and I sprung out of bed at 5 am feeling (shockingly) ready for whatever the day was to bring. Since then, I’ve found a new appreciation for this extra hour of daylight.

Since there are many of you out there still struggling to adjust to the time change, I whipped up this list of things to do to take full advantage of our longer days:

  • First things first: Wake up early! You know how you always feel like the days are never long enough? Well, now they are! Wake up while it’s still dark and start your morning routine early so you can tackle the rest of your new, long day.
  • Take the long way home. There’s no need to rush on home after work. Why not walk, bike, or even just stroll to the next bus station? The fresh air will do you some good and it’ll give you time to find a new appreciation for the shops, streets, parks, etc you see on your commute everyday.
  • Experiment in the Kitchen. After you clock out, find a new recipe on Pinterest and stop by your local grocer to grab some fresh ingredients. Spend the evening with your lover or friends chopping, sauteing, or baking something new and delicious!
  • Get your Sweat on! Go to the gym or find yourself a home workout that really challenges you. These days, it’s been all about Insanity Max 30 in our household.

How do you seize the day? Share and share alike in the comments below!


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