Hi! I’m Jessie. Nice to meet you.


I used to be a poor fashion student, living paycheck to paycheck. Now I have a wonderful job, an apartment with the man I love, and enough money to give my cat a great life.

Studying fashion opened my eyes to the amount of natural and human resources we exhaust making us clothes we wear once and toss in the trash. This year, my personal mission is to shop ethically and break up with fast fashion once and for all.

What you will find here:

-Updates on my journey to live a ethical, stylish life.

-Shopping hacks, style tips, affordable outfits, and anything else my heart desires.

-Musings from a day dreaming, and painfully fashionable only child.

I hope you enjoy this documentation of my ambling and rambling. Follow along and comment below with any questions.

 Want more? Check me out on Instagram @poorjessieann

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