Tee’s me Tuesday: Gold Rush

I bet you would have never pegged me for a football fan.

I. LOVE. Football.

IMG_9033 IMG_9068

It started when I was a kid. My dad and I would always watch the 49er games together. One of my fondest memories was their Super Bowl win agains the Chargers. When I found this t-shirt at Static Vintage, I knew it had to be mine!

IMG_9140 IMG_9156

This Lands End peter pan collar shirt is my new favorite Crossroads find. It’s a tiny bit big, but It’s still great for layering.

You may not see it, but there are Hello Kitty heads all over this faux leather skirt! I like that I can pawn it off as a plain old skirt, but when you look up close, BAM! There she is!

IMG_9260 IMG_9212IMG_9314

And of course, this wouldn’t be a San Francisco 49er post without a little Kapernicking. Ok, so it’s more me screaming at my muscle, but check out my guns!


I can’t wait until Sunday! Who will be the NFC champions? Well, I might be biased, but I think that’s a no brainer.

<3, PJA

Tee’s Me Tuesday

In my very first TMT‘s, I professed my love of of a good, designer related pun. Well, I found another wonderfully punny tee courtesy of ASOS.

The cat obsession only gets deeper and deeper by the minuet, folks. I NEED this t-shirt by Brand Jacker. :

Get it from ASOS!

<3, PJA

Tee’s Me Tuesday

Let the Christmas movie marathon begin! Yesterday, an old favorite Home Alone stopped me in my tracks. Even though I have probably seen this film about a million times over, I couldn’t pull myself away from Kevin’s mischievous antics. Can you imagine my sheer delight when I found this t-shirt?! I was like a kid on Christmas morning!
Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Crew T-Shirt For Women In Red With...

In honor of this Christmas classic, order a cheese pizza for yourself and don this Kevin McCallister approved attire. Home Alone


Clockwise from top left: Beanie, H&M. Filthy Animal tee, Bonanza. Circle scarf, Scotch and Soda. Shirt, Madewell. Boots, Modcloth. Khakis, Zara.

<3, PJA

Tee’s Me Tuesday

I was definitely that girl that played with My Little Ponies and my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurines. I’m sure you can imagine the sheer joy that overcame me when I found this cropped tee.FOREVER 21 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tee

*sigh* Anyone else feel like a kid again?

<3, PJA

Tee’s Me Tuesday

For this week’s TMT, I thought I would dip into my collection and give you a glimpse into my wardrobe. Sorry about the horrible phone pic. When I have a stroke of genius without my camera girl around, I’m left to my own devices and I’m no professional! This is by far one of my favorite tees. I picked it up in the men’s section at Wasteland one fine day. So soft, so light, and my favorite Star Wars film to boot! I like pairing this with a faux leather mini skirt, tights, black booties and a denim jacket for a little androgyny!

20131202-180601.jpgA couple tips for your tees: first of all, I never hang my t-shirts. Hangers are a knits greatest enemy next to moths and a loose nails. Fold ’em up and put them in your dresser! Second, do as I say and not as I do! Get the wrinkles out before taking blog pictures. Steaming is my preferred method to de-wrinkle. In a pinch you can use a hair dryer to get the wrinkles out of your garments! A little trick I picked up when I was still in school. Hold the dryer on high underneath on a central area of the garment for a few seconds and watch those wrinkles disappear before your very eyes!

<3, PJA