Alemany Flea Market

This Sunday, despite our late start, was spent wandering through racks of vintage treasures at the Alemany Flea Market. PJA with trumpet 2 PJA with purse PJA with poodle

The conditions for pictures weren’t the best. It was super bright and sunny and very windy! Again, my hair was blowing all over the place. Thank goodness for lipstick and photoshop!PJA with Perfume CU

So many adorable trinkets and doo-dads! I loved these little vintage avon perfume and lotion bottles. This one was shaped like a little toad stool with a frog prince sitting on top! The only thing deterring me from buying the lot was the contents inside. Sixty year old beauty products do not keep well. PJA with lamb PJA with conch shell

By the time we arrived, half of the vendors were beginning to pack up. Note for next time: Bring more cash and arrive EARLY!PJA shopping PJA Outfit Pic PJA in Sweater

There were so many racks full of awesome sweaters and jackets. This sweater is ideal for throwing on over a long sleeve dress when you something cozy and chic. One of my favorite finds was a hunter green sweater featuring a fox hunter and his hounds. Too bad it was just a little too big and a little too pilled for my taste.

PJA in Hat PJA in hat 3

Expect to find a TON of great vintage. One booth in the far back of the market (or front given you entered the correct) stood out as the favorite. This tent was full of amazing vintage pieces and everything I picked up had a $10 price tag. Jessie and I got to play with some of the best pill box hats and vintage veils! Definitely a great place to hit up if your looking for a halloween get up.

Oh look! I’m a gif!

<3, PJA


Soda Shoppe

back against the wallThe bad news: I’m catching a cold. I haven’t been sick since I’ve graduated thus making me a huge baby right now. The minuet I started to sniffle and felt my throat get sore, I started complaining and downing thousands of milligrams of every vitamin I come into contact with.IMG_9249Whenever I feel sick and I don’t have time to curl up in bed and watch Simpson’s reruns, dressing up somehow makes me feel a whole lot better! The brighter colors, the better! One of my favorite dresses from Modcloth and my new lipstick and eyeliner shades from N.Y.X seemed to do the trick yesterday!IMG_9257IMG_9264IMG_9267IMG_9313IMG_9325It was so blustery yesterday! I was so happy with the crisp chill in the air. That wind, however, mussed my do! I had to constantly brush it down with my hands in every shot. Oh, well! It made for some cute pics. Happy accident, I suppose!IMG_9339IMG_9351IMG_9362IMG_9365IMG_9369I got these chucks somewhat spur of the moment. I have been waiting for a pair to come along for sometime now. After a year of wishful thinking, browsing eBay for cheaper ones, and crossing my fingers every time I stepped into a Crossroads Trading Co., I broke down and paid full price for them. No regrets! These shoes are definitely paying off. I’ve worn them everyday since. 

<3, PJA

Salt and Sea Urchins

On Monday, the other Jessie and I explored the Sutro Baths. It was quite fun climbing around in these ruins with the ocean roaring in the background. Such a perfect, foggy day for a little OOTD post!IMG_8864

I love this dress. No, I love, love, LOVE this dress. I found it on a rare trip inside a Forever 21 (I usually shop online. The bright lights and obnoxious music make me feel like I’m gonna have a seizure). I was looking for the “great white whale” of F21: an all cotton dress; something I can wear all year round. When I saw this, I did a double take. Not only is it 100% cotton, it’s gingham AND it has pockets! I had to restrain myself from buying it right then and there. I’m glad I had practiced patience. It went on sale a few months later. Good things come to those who wait!


I bought these socks on a whim a couple of years ago at a little boutique in the Haight. It’s funny how something you buy “just because” turns into something you wear on a regular basis. IMG_8930 Of course I’m wearing my arrow bracelet. I’m hardly ever without it. The other day I re-discovered this cute little bow bracelet from JewelMint that I was obsessed with for a hot minuet. It’s pretty stinking cute, even with the brass showing through. IMG_8955IMG_8967I got this Burning Torch jacket when I was still working for my most favorite consignment shop in the whole wide world, Urbanity. It was a little pricey at the time, but It’s become one of my wardrobe staple. Everybody needs a military style piece in their closet! This one has a little dash of sweetness to it and I love the big pocket on the back. IMG_8981IMG_9006 Those of you who are VERY detail oriented might have noticed that I chopped my mop! It’s a bit more maintenance than I’m used to (I hadn’t used a blowdryer for years), but I love it! For those of you looking for a hairdresser in the city, book my girl Meghan! She’s an all around amazing gal and a fantastic stylist to boot!IMG_9037Jess and I loved shooting with this graffiti wall! This is about as grunge as I’m ever going to get. I like how the wall seemed to give my overall look a little more edge.IMG_9044

This pose is just so Elvis. Thank you! Thank you very much!

<3, PJA

Chambray Sunsets.

on the rocks

Thursday night, the other Jessie and I took a detour to Indian Rock after work. Evenings seem to be the only time these two busy gals can get together for a photo shoot (that is, unless, we want to start waking up at the crack of dawn! Yikes.) Trying to find solitude proved to be challenging seeing as this is a very popular location to watch the sunset.

PJA Indianrock 4PJA Indianrock 7PJA Indianrock 5This Levi’s chambray dress is by far one of my favorite dresses. I picked it up at Fillmore & 5th about a year ago now and it certainly has served me well. It seems like I’ve been living in it all summer and its so easy to convert into fall.

My coworkers told me this jacket looked like it belonged to a grandmother from the 70’s. They could be right. I picked it up at Thrift Town for five bucks. I loved the color combination and the pattern. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it and I normally don’t spend money on something I don’t know how to wear, but I’m glad I took a chance on this gem.
PJA Indianrock 12

I found these boots lurking in the depths of Ambiance‘s sale section. I had been looking for the perfect, nude colored bootie for quite some time. The gold accent on this pair was definitely the deal maker. The cain-linked ring was a whim purchase from Jewelmint. I was won over by the rose gold tone and it’s unusual style. The arrow bracelet was another Ambiance find.

PJA Indianrock 8<3, PJA

Dancing in the Moonlight

playing with fireThe other Jessie and I ventured out to Lake Merit for a night shoot. We started a little late, so a majority of the shots were too dark. However, the sparklers photograph beautifully! Definitely using these another time (probably earlier in the evening). This time of day is obviously not idea for an outfit shot, but I’m thrilled with the results! This was such a fun learning experience.

IMG_6172 IMG_6177 IMG_6224 IMG_6212

There is something so romantic about lighting one of these beauties in the summer. As a kid, those glittering fire sticks made me feel like a fairy princess waving her magic wand as I pranced around my back yard. Very difficult to light, but once you get them going they’re absolutely mesmerizing.

IMG_6203 IMG_6193 IMG_6175 IMG_6161

OH! By the way…can you believe it’s been a whole month since PJA launched? Me either! Happy one month anniversary to me!

<3, PJA