Miss me? Time to break the silence with a little WSP.

Clockwise from top left: 1. Céleste Wallaert’s illustrations are the perfect blend of whimsy and pop culture. 2. When I’m old, eccentric, and filthy rich, I will buy this incense burner without any hesitation. 3. This photo is taking my socks and heels obsession to the next level. 4. Wall quilts: like the wall tapestries you hung up in your dorm only more sophisticated.


Indian Summer

It really warmed up Sunday, so it only seemed appropriate to show some skin.

PJA Indian Summer 1 PJA Indian Summer 2

For those of you short girls out there that think you can’t rock a midi skirt, think again. With the right proportions and a little height thanks to my Swedish Hasbeens, I have conquered this H&M skirt! PJA Indian Summer 3

Such a glorious day to bust out the new shades! Got them second hand from my lovely roommate. She has the best stuff!PJA Indian Summer 4 PJA Indian Summer 5 PJA Indian Summer 6 PJA Indian Summer 8 PJA Indian Summer 9 PJA Indian Summer 10 PJA Indian Summer 11 PJA Indian Summer 12 PJA Indian Summer 13 PJA Indian Summer 15 PJA Indian Summer 16 PJA Indian Summer 17 PJA Indian Summer 18I really lucked out at Crossroads Trading Co. the other day. I found both my skirt and this incredible, embroidered crop top. Doesn’t this scream Indian Summer?

PJA Indian Summer 20A question for my SF followers: what do you do during our crazy hot October? Do you escape or embrace it? Do tell in the comments!

<3, PJA


Favorite Friday (the Fourth)

First of all, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Go eat a hot dog, drink a brewskie, and watch the fireworks!

Second, oh my gosh it’s been a whole year of PJA! Already? Time flies. (Note to self: write a proper 1 year celebration post.)

Finally, I love flowers. I try to have a fresh bunch in my room at all times. I absolutely adore this flower map (not sure who the original artist is! Anyone know off hand?)


Image courtesy of Makenna Alyse.

<3, PJA

The Lobby Boy.

As soon as I heard it hit the west side of the states, I ran to the Kabuki Theater to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel.

This is, without a trace of doubt, my favorite film of 2014.grand-budapest-hotel GHB_6852 20130121.CR2 www.indiewire

Images courtesy of IMBD.

As always, the film was brilliantly entertaining and gorgeous. It got me thinking I need to spring for this Lobby Boy cap courtesy of Wes Anderson Etsy Shopil_570xN.577908411_hg36

If you haven’e seen it yet, drop everything you’re doing and GO!

<3, PJA