1. (Clockwise from top left) These amazing slippers are sold out, but I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) they’ll be restocked. 2. I may or may not have this ruffled blouse in my cart and I may or may not buy it right after I post this. 3. Into The Gloss covered the best of the best makeup looks from NYFW. My favorite? The bare-faced look Proenza Schouler sent down the runway. 4. These gem enamel pins are more affordable than the real-deal and look way cool pinned on a black leather jacket.



The formula for the perfect Sunday uniform: Cozy sweater + black jeans + Adidas + leather jacket + neckerchief.

pja-home-coffee-8939pja-home-coffee-8941pja-home-coffee-8947pja-home-coffee-8955pja-home-coffee-8958Tried my first Birthday Cake Latte over at Home Cafe and all I can say is, “Wow”. Such a visual and literal treat! If you’re into blue coffee, go get you some.


Leather jacket & jeans, Crossroads. Neckerchief, APPRVL. Adidas, ASOS. Sweater, UNIQLO.

Oh! BTW, my hair is blue, thanks to Meghan Doyle. If you’re in the mood for a new do’ and you’re in San Francisco, book her today!


What She Pinnin’

This week, I’m seeing the world through rose colored glasses. What She Pinnin'


  1. Pink. Velvet. Dress. 2. I loved this beautiful film, so I’m dying to get my hands on this beautiful book! 3. A cheery cooler is the perfect picnicking companion. 4. Speaking of picnicking, this rose tinted sushi looks too pretty to eat!


Color in Your Cheeks

PJA Mountain Goat Hill-1065 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-1052 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-1047

Seeing red and tapping my silvery toes on the steps of Billy Goat Hill! Unfortunately, no actual bill goats were spotted on this fashion outing.
PJA Mountain Goat Hill-1040 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-1028 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-1021 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-0832 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-0829 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-0792 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-0769 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-0758 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-0736 PJA Mountain Goat Hill-0694This year, I’m going to be my own Valentine. My LRD (little red dress) from ASOS makes the perfect date look. I love how my distressed denim jacket lends a casual/cool vibe pulling the whole look together. Like a match made in heaven.

What lovely plans do you have this V-day?


<3, PJA


A Few of My Favorite Things

Some mornings are best spent getting dressed in a few of my favorite pieces, grabbing a cup of Blue Bottle coffee, and strolling in (a little late) to work.

PJA Ferry Building accessories edit

You know I’m about to start my work day when I’m toting my big blue bag around town! When I got this job, I treated myself with a new, adorable, “grown up” laptop bag from ASOS. Still in love even though it’s becoming a little rough around the edges.

Remember me Instagraming when I first got these Swedish Hasbeen beauties for my Birthday? I wear them almost every day and thy’ve quickly become the most comfortable pair of heels I own!

PJA Ferry Building after jump edit

PJA Ferry Building cu edit 2

I wasn’t always a coffee drinker. When you’re surrounded by caffeine addicts, It’s hard not to pour yourself a cup. When I want I treat, I’ll stop by Blue Bottle for an Americano. Contrary to belief, Espresso has less caffeine then regular old coffee and doesn’t make me a jittery mess at the start of my day which is a plus!

By the way, this ring is so beyond perfect for me! My dear friend Julian, owner of Blank Shoppe, hooked me up with this tasty treat.

PJA Ferry Building cu edit

PJA Ferry Building Jump edit light leak

PJA Ferry Building Long Edit 2

Found this pretty polka dot frock on the racks at Crossroads Trading Co and it’s become a staple in my wardrobe. Who knew Levi’s made dresses? Well, you do now! I’m certain I wear this dress at least twice a week. Such a great go-to and so perfect all year long.

PJA Ferry Building Long Edit

PJA Ferry Building med edit 2 light leaks

PJA Ferry Building Med Edit

PJA Ferry Building ml edit 2

PJA Ferry Building ml edit 3

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<3, PJA