Got It From My Mama

The best beauty advice doesn’t come from a blog or magazine. In my family, it was passed down from generations of strong, beautiful, happy women. So in celebration of Mother’s Day, here are the top 4 beauty tips from the OG PJA: my mom.


DON’T TOUCH YOUR EYEBROWS Mother knew best: bold brows are timeless. Trim lightly or pluck some strays; but if you need a little more maintenance, leave it to a professional. I fill mine in with Glossier’s Boy Brow or Kat Von D’s 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade in Taupe for that Brooke Shields look.


STOP PICKING Your face, that is. With age I’ve found that the less I touch my face, the better my skin looks. Here’s a few of her other tried-and-true skin tips: exfoliate with a mild scrub once a week; wash that makeup off every night; moisturize and apply eye cream; and use sunscreen every day. So, yes mom. You were right. Happy?

PJA Bedroom Pink Stripe Edit 4

HAVE FUN I love to play with makeup and I’m so lucky to have a mom that encouraged me to try new things. Put on a face mask, wing your eyeliner, try a new lipstick; you’ll only be out a few bucks and maybe you’ll gain a new favorite look.


PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR After every bad hair cut or home dye job, my mom would comfort me with this simple fact: hair grows. Don’t be afraid to try a new style or color; it’s just hair! The heavily Instagrammed Prism Airbrush Spray temporary color by Hush is a terrific option for folks curious about the rainbow hair trend. It’s formula doesn’t leave hair sticky or stiff making it all the more fun to layer and play with.



This might not come to you as a surprise, but lately I’ve been obsessed with Korean beauty products. If it’s made from ingredients like snail mucus and comes in a cute package, it has a home on my vanity.

That in mind, it shouldn’t take a genius to see why I’m loving Stylenada. I can’t speak to the quality of their lipsticks, but their bold, playful, and youthful adverts are enough to make me want to buy everything they have to offer.


Images courtesy of Stylenada.



Tree huggers unite! Today we celebrate our mother earth. Here are a few of my favorite earth-loving products to get you in the spirit.

  1. (From top left) Amour Vert sells terrific, soft basics made from organic materials. Plus they sell a tree for every t-shirt sold. Do your part and get this adorably french striped number. 2. I’m dying to get a jar of Monastery Attar Repair Concentrate. Their products are made from whole, natural ingredients and in spirit of Earth Day, everything is 20% off! 3. Whenever I do a major closet cleanse, I bring my castoffs to Urbanity. The staff feels like family and their racks are full of the best of the best new and used styles. 4. It just wouldn’t be a weekend without a trip to Lush. I can hardly get through the week without a bath with my favorite Yoga Bath Bomb.


Blacked Out

This Black Friday sale weekend, I’m going to kick up my heels and relax. Here’s just a few things you can do instead of battling the masses for cheap TV’s.

PJA Jack London Sq-0710

  1. Take a detox bath -Perfect after a day of traveling, cooking, and over indulging. It’s super relaxing and refreshes the whole body. I like mine super hot by candle light.
  2. Try a new recipe– These pumpkin pie cupcakes  were a hit at dinner yesterday!
  3. Clean and tidy your space -I dove head first into the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s a great motivator to get your place organized!
  4. Create a capsule wardrobe -After you get your closet into gear and get rid of the things you no longer wear, take stock and create your own capsule wardrobe.
  5. Plan a trip– Ok, so Black Friday isn’t THAT bad. In fact, it’s a great time to purchase plane tickets! Virgin America is having some great deals right now. The fella and I just booked our flight to Austin in January for real cheap!
  6. Work out– I recently enrolled in Beach Body‘s Insanity Max 30 challenge and it’s really inspired me to get moving and get healthy. This might not be the plan for you, but they have a ton of different routines to choose from. Sign up and max out!
  7. Make bath bombs– You can bet everybody I know is getting at least one of these in their stockings this year!
  8. Redecorate– Paint your walls, hang some art, or maybe just bring some color into a room with a vase full of flowers! Take a peek at my Decoration Inspiration pinboard to get some ideas.
  9. Gear up for the Holidays– Pull out the decorations, plan your outfit for the office party, and start to really think about who’s been naughty and nice this year.
  10. Make a friend– Speaking of black friday, did you know that black cats that end up in a shelter are the least likely to be adopted? If you want to bring a little more joy and love into your life, go make a furry friend at your local SPCA. If you happen to be in the SF Bay Area, here’s a few cute kitties that need and deserve a good home and right now, adult cats 6 months and older are free to adopt through January 3rd.
  11. Pamper yourself– Put on a mask, go get your nails did, or just do what I do and browse around Amazon for fun and new beauty products.


No Tox

This weekend, I discovered my newest beauty product obsession. No Tox uses all natural ingredients and makes everything from soaps to herbal facial steaming potions for your at home spa experience. Check out their full line of deodorants, oils, and oh so much more! I’ve only been using their aluminum free deodorant in Earl Grey & Bay Leaf for a week now and I’m hooked. No-Tox-Aluminum-Free-Natural-Deodorant-6-403x403 Blacktop-Coffee-Cold-Brew-Bar-Exfoliating-Vegan-Soap-403x403 shaving-soap-Woodsman-with-Bentonite-Clay-8oz-2-403x403 Herbal-Facial-Steam-Dry-Combo-Skin-Chamomile-Calendula-Lavender-Rose-Hips2-403x403 Pure-Avocado-Shea-and-Coffee-Butter-Facial-Creme-Vanilla-Spice-403x403 White-Tea-and-Ginger-body-Bar-with-soap-deck1-403x403

Check out their site and start living the No Tox life!