One year older, one year wiser

The day is swiftly approaching! Here are some things I hope to accomplish in my 29th year…new-piktochart

Turning 28: Setting Intentions for a New Age

It’s my most favorite time of year! My Birthday usually ends up stretching over the entire month (typical symptom of only child syndrome) and is filled with food, drinks, and merriment.

8This year, I’ve come to the startling realization that I’m slowing creeping up to my 30th year of life. I’ve started to slip and adopted some unfavorable habits (like putting off my workouts and eating rather late at night). Like the new year, it’s time for new beginnings, assessing where this crazy life path has brought me, and thinking ahead to a bright future.

So this week, I decided to set better intentions and go into my 28th year with a healthy routine. Yoga classes, dancing, singing my lungs out, eating healthy meals, even an acupuncture session! I’m taking care of my whole self; body and soul.

27, its been real! Here I come, 28! Can’t wait to see what this year brings.


A Bugs Life

For my birthday this year, the fella and I spent a wonderful, leisurely afternoon in the Botanical Gardens.


In honor of my 27th year on Earth, I wore my new, silk Joie dress covered in adorable invertebrates. Paired with my fave booties and beat-up denim jacket, I’d say this is an outfit worth celebrating!


We saw so much beauty in the gardens! I felt so lucky to stumble across this beautiful blue herring taking an afternoon nap.




I wear very little jewelry with exception to my mom’s wedding ring. My dear friend Vanessa gave me this adorable cake necklace for my birthday last year. It’s not a birthday party without cake, right?





This was probably my favorite part of the gardens! Walking through the tall stalks made me feel like a little ladybug.




Want to snag my birthday attire? Follow my Mavatar link below. I actually found my dress on super duper sale! A birthday gift from me to you!

<3, PJA