Silly me bought a few spring dresses from Tobi right when it started to get cold outside. The solution? Instead of packing them away, I came up with a few summer to fall looks.

Hopefully, these looks will inspire you to hang onto your lighter pieces for a little while longer!

SUMMER FOREVERPJA-Tobi-Dresses-102917-1PJA-Tobi-Dresses-102917-17PJA-Tobi-Dresses-102917-7

What? No, I’m not cold. Why? *shivering*

I couldn’t resist the scallop detail of this lavender shift. With pompon shoes and a denim moto-jacket, it makes an easy date night look (note to self: next time, wear tights.).


Dress: Tobi; Jacket: Crossroads Trading Co.; Earrings: Bitte & Danke; Shoes: Amazon.

BOY MEETS GIRL PJA-Tobi-Dresses-102917-25PJA-Tobi-Dresses-102917-24PJA-Tobi-Dresses-102917-27

The great thing about living with your fashionable boyfriend? You get to borrow his sweaters.

The off the shoulder look lives on into the colder months with over the knee boots, my SO’s cardigan, and a berry lip. So cozy!


Dress: Tobi; Boots: Gifted; Cardigan: My Man’s.

CASUAL AND COMFYPJA-Tobi-Dresses-102917-37PJA-Tobi-Dresses-102917-38PJA-Tobi-Dresses-102917-39

True story: I wore this dress on a 12 hour flight right before taking these photos. There’s nary a wrinkle and I look fresh as a daisy!

Embrace the new season and pair your easy breezy dress with booties, a light anorak, and a neckerchief.


Dress: Tobi; Boots and Jacket: Crossroads Trading Co.; Neckerchief: Apprvl.




The formula for the perfect Sunday uniform: Cozy sweater + black jeans + Adidas + leather jacket + neckerchief.

pja-home-coffee-8939pja-home-coffee-8941pja-home-coffee-8947pja-home-coffee-8955pja-home-coffee-8958Tried my first Birthday Cake Latte over at Home Cafe and all I can say is, “Wow”. Such a visual and literal treat! If you’re into blue coffee, go get you some.


Leather jacket & jeans, Crossroads. Neckerchief, APPRVL. Adidas, ASOS. Sweater, UNIQLO.

Oh! BTW, my hair is blue, thanks to Meghan Doyle. If you’re in the mood for a new do’ and you’re in San Francisco, book her today!


Indian Summer

It really warmed up Sunday, so it only seemed appropriate to show some skin.

PJA Indian Summer 1 PJA Indian Summer 2

For those of you short girls out there that think you can’t rock a midi skirt, think again. With the right proportions and a little height thanks to my Swedish Hasbeens, I have conquered this H&M skirt! PJA Indian Summer 3

Such a glorious day to bust out the new shades! Got them second hand from my lovely roommate. She has the best stuff!PJA Indian Summer 4 PJA Indian Summer 5 PJA Indian Summer 6 PJA Indian Summer 8 PJA Indian Summer 9 PJA Indian Summer 10 PJA Indian Summer 11 PJA Indian Summer 12 PJA Indian Summer 13 PJA Indian Summer 15 PJA Indian Summer 16 PJA Indian Summer 17 PJA Indian Summer 18I really lucked out at Crossroads Trading Co. the other day. I found both my skirt and this incredible, embroidered crop top. Doesn’t this scream Indian Summer?

PJA Indian Summer 20A question for my SF followers: what do you do during our crazy hot October? Do you escape or embrace it? Do tell in the comments!

<3, PJA


My Religion.

PJA filter 24

Sunday, The other Jessie and I ventured out to Treasure Island for a little flea market shopping. We found this beautiful church and decided to do a little impromptu shoot. Spontaneity is the spice of life, after all!

PJA filter 22 PJA filter 21

I scored this silk blouse at Crossroads Trading Co. for a song! For the sake of pattern play, I paired with this black and white Express skirt. These Repetto’s (another Crossroads find) already need a new sole. I wear them practically every day! Such an easy way to class up the whole look.

PJA filter 20 PJA filter 19 PJA filter 18 PJA filter 17

A word of warning: if you plan on staying on this Island for more than 4 hours, definitely bring sunscreen. My shoulders got a little red skipping around in the sun all day!

PJA filter 16 PJA filter 15 PJA filter 14

Such a fun day searching for treasure, exploring new places, and catching up with my dear friend Jessie and Hope from Marmalade SF! (If you’re looking to dress up your home, go check out her new housewares shop The Mason Jar!)

PJA filter 11 PJA filter 10 PJA filter 9 PJA filter 8 PJA filter 6PJA filter 4PJA filter 3PJA filter 2 PJA filter 1


I can’t wait to share my awesome finds from the flea market with you! Stay tuned 🙂

<3, PJA


Tee’s me Tuesday: Gold Rush

I bet you would have never pegged me for a football fan.

I. LOVE. Football.

IMG_9033 IMG_9068

It started when I was a kid. My dad and I would always watch the 49er games together. One of my fondest memories was their Super Bowl win agains the Chargers. When I found this t-shirt at Static Vintage, I knew it had to be mine!

IMG_9140 IMG_9156

This Lands End peter pan collar shirt is my new favorite Crossroads find. It’s a tiny bit big, but It’s still great for layering.

You may not see it, but there are Hello Kitty heads all over this faux leather skirt! I like that I can pawn it off as a plain old skirt, but when you look up close, BAM! There she is!

IMG_9260 IMG_9212IMG_9314

And of course, this wouldn’t be a San Francisco 49er post without a little Kapernicking. Ok, so it’s more me screaming at my muscle, but check out my guns!


I can’t wait until Sunday! Who will be the NFC champions? Well, I might be biased, but I think that’s a no brainer.

<3, PJA