Respectable Renegade.

This weekend, Jessie Marie and I planned on strolling through the Renegade Craft Fair bright and early. We sauntered in around 1pm when the joint was really hoppin. So much so that we couldn’t take pictures without being trampled, so we took our shoot to the streets. IMG_5520

The houses are simply incredible along Marina Blvd. I hope the residents didn’t mind the impromptu photo shoot taking place on their lawn!IMG_5671


I’ve been in love with this turban since I spied it in that gypsy-esque vintage clothing caravan at the Treasure Island Flea. I threw it on in a whim. In this case, adding an accessory before stepping out the door totally worked in my favor.IMG_5600 IMG_5599

You may or may not have seen the unveiling of my new body art by now, but I am absolutely in love with my portrait piece by Zeph Fishlyn. It’s just stunning and quite distracting! I find myself just starring down at it every now and again.IMG_5594 IMG_5593 IMG_5545

When a dress just fits you like so, you know it’s meant to be. This happens to be the case with this fluorescent green number scooped up from one of my favorite local boutiques, Marmalade.IMG_5533 IMG_5528 IMG_5523 IMG_5517Did you hit up the Renegade Craft Fair? What sort of treasures did you snatch up? Did you, like myself, find the whole experience completely over stimulating?

<3, PJA


A Bugs Life

For my birthday this year, the fella and I spent a wonderful, leisurely afternoon in the Botanical Gardens.


In honor of my 27th year on Earth, I wore my new, silk Joie dress covered in adorable invertebrates. Paired with my fave booties and beat-up denim jacket, I’d say this is an outfit worth celebrating!


We saw so much beauty in the gardens! I felt so lucky to stumble across this beautiful blue herring taking an afternoon nap.




I wear very little jewelry with exception to my mom’s wedding ring. My dear friend Vanessa gave me this adorable cake necklace for my birthday last year. It’s not a birthday party without cake, right?





This was probably my favorite part of the gardens! Walking through the tall stalks made me feel like a little ladybug.




Want to snag my birthday attire? Follow my Mavatar link below. I actually found my dress on super duper sale! A birthday gift from me to you!

<3, PJA


NYFW: Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia presents their usual girly glam with a casual twist. Playful mint leather skirts are paired with slouchy denim jackets;  the crop top-skirt sets embody the movie icon of the century Cher Horowitz;  and A+O enter a new frontier with distressed denim making this collection is so different, yet so familiar.

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Tee’s Me Tuesday

I saw this tee and was instantly tickled by its wit and whimsy. It reminded me of my Sundays spent in my fella’s back yard digging in the dirt and eating the fruits of our labor right from the vine.

MADEWELL Rxmance® 181 Tomato Tee

Gardening has certainly become a favorite hobby of mine. It’s so satisfying watching something you planted grow and flourish! If you’re thinking of starting a little garden of your own, I highly recommend investing in some clothing you won’t mind getting a little dirty. I usually throw on a cute tee, some distressed boyfriend jeans, and an old pair of Nike high tops once reserved for the gym.

Green Thumb Chic

And don’t forget your gloves! These will help protect your hands from splinters and calluses.

<3, PJA