What to Wear to…the Flea Market 

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question one too many time: “What do I wear?!”

My latest segment will hopefully clear this up for some of you and make getting dressed for any occasion a little easier.

Gotta love a day strolling around the flea market! Eating food out of trucks, drooling over antiques, and haggling with vendors all add up to a perfect day in my book. Here’s a couple tips to follow when dressing for the flea:

1. Layer!

PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2896

The flea markets I frequent are typically in big, open lots in areas that exhibit a range of mild to severe weather fluctuations. Come prepared with light layers. A jacket that’s as easy to carry as it is to throw on over your shoulders is your best option.

2. Comfortable Shoes

PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0558

This one should be a no brainer. You’re gonna walk around all day! Opt for something with a closed toe and a very low heel (can’t go wrong with Converse High Tops or even a flash pair of flats!).

3. Dress or Skirt

PJA filter 9

There’s no way I can get through a market without trying on at least one piece of clothing. As most vendors won’t have dressing rooms or stalls, it’s in your best interest to sport a light cotton dress or skirt to easily slip on jeans, shorts, or whatever else catches your eye.

4. Sunscreen

PJA Ferry Building med edit 2 light leaks

Just because the sun isn’t out, doesn’t mean you’re not gonna burn! Without sunscreen, I turn into a lobster at the end of the day. Do yourself a favor and buy a travel size can of spray-on sunscreen to stash in your purse for “touch ups”. Double or triple up on the sun protection with a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.

5. A Cross Body Bag

Peach Wall-0775

A clutch will not do for a flea! I love my second hand Foley + Corrina cross body purse. It’s light, compact, and perfect for strolling the stalls. Extra points for stashing a folding shopping tote!


Buried Treasure.

Is there nothing better than spending a hot, sunny Sunday at a flea market hunting for vintage finds, trying on handmade jewels, and eating from food trucks? Me thinks not!

PJA TI Flea filter 15 PJA TI Flea filter 14 PJA TI Flea filter 13 PJA TI Flea filter 12

The minuet I put on this turban, the other Jessie gasped and said, “YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” She was right! For only 10 bucks, I had to make it mine.

PJA TI Flea filter 11

For the Treasure Island Flea Market‘s 3rd Birthday, they brought out all the stops. Amazing food, drinks, and even a petting zoo! These mini horses dressed in flowers were just so darling! Unfortunately, I’m not petit enough to go for a ride.

PJA TI Flea filter 10 PJA TI Flea filter 9 PJA TI Flea filter 8

This gold clutch was another no-brainer. I’ve never seen one where the embossed flowers were painted. So unique and it fits all my essentials. At 10 bucks, I call it a steal!

PJA TI Flea filter 7 PJA TI Flea filter 6

Isn’t this Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus print amazing? I’ve never seen them do a shoot like this. My priorities were accessories, so I  passed it up. Hopefully, I’ll come across it again someday.

PJA TI Flea filter 5 PJA TI Flea filter 4

This is the bus of GOLD! All the clothing inside was 5 bucks a pop! Can’t wait to hit it up again on my next trip.

PJA TI Flea filter 3 PJA TI Flea filter 2 PJA TI Flea filter 1

As always, Jessie Marie did an excellent job as photographer. Want to flea with me? The next flea market will be held at the end of June and you can bet I’ll be there!

<3, PJA



My Religion.

PJA filter 24

Sunday, The other Jessie and I ventured out to Treasure Island for a little flea market shopping. We found this beautiful church and decided to do a little impromptu shoot. Spontaneity is the spice of life, after all!

PJA filter 22 PJA filter 21

I scored this silk blouse at Crossroads Trading Co. for a song! For the sake of pattern play, I paired with this black and white Express skirt. These Repetto’s (another Crossroads find) already need a new sole. I wear them practically every day! Such an easy way to class up the whole look.

PJA filter 20 PJA filter 19 PJA filter 18 PJA filter 17

A word of warning: if you plan on staying on this Island for more than 4 hours, definitely bring sunscreen. My shoulders got a little red skipping around in the sun all day!

PJA filter 16 PJA filter 15 PJA filter 14

Such a fun day searching for treasure, exploring new places, and catching up with my dear friend Jessie and Hope from Marmalade SF! (If you’re looking to dress up your home, go check out her new housewares shop The Mason Jar!)

PJA filter 11 PJA filter 10 PJA filter 9 PJA filter 8 PJA filter 6PJA filter 4PJA filter 3PJA filter 2 PJA filter 1


I can’t wait to share my awesome finds from the flea market with you! Stay tuned 🙂

<3, PJA


Alemany Flea Market

This Sunday, despite our late start, was spent wandering through racks of vintage treasures at the Alemany Flea Market. PJA with trumpet 2 PJA with purse PJA with poodle

The conditions for pictures weren’t the best. It was super bright and sunny and very windy! Again, my hair was blowing all over the place. Thank goodness for lipstick and photoshop!PJA with Perfume CU

So many adorable trinkets and doo-dads! I loved these little vintage avon perfume and lotion bottles. This one was shaped like a little toad stool with a frog prince sitting on top! The only thing deterring me from buying the lot was the contents inside. Sixty year old beauty products do not keep well. PJA with lamb PJA with conch shell

By the time we arrived, half of the vendors were beginning to pack up. Note for next time: Bring more cash and arrive EARLY!PJA shopping PJA Outfit Pic PJA in Sweater

There were so many racks full of awesome sweaters and jackets. This sweater is ideal for throwing on over a long sleeve dress when you something cozy and chic. One of my favorite finds was a hunter green sweater featuring a fox hunter and his hounds. Too bad it was just a little too big and a little too pilled for my taste.

PJA in Hat PJA in hat 3

Expect to find a TON of great vintage. One booth in the far back of the market (or front given you entered the correct) stood out as the favorite. This tent was full of amazing vintage pieces and everything I picked up had a $10 price tag. Jessie and I got to play with some of the best pill box hats and vintage veils! Definitely a great place to hit up if your looking for a halloween get up. http---makeagif.com--media-10-14-2013-W41Zdt

Oh look! I’m a gif!

<3, PJA