Happenings: March ’16

In the bay area? Need something to do? Here are the haps for the next couple weekends of March that might suit your fancy!

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March 19th: Vintage car and cherry blossom fanatic? Then, head on over to Saratoga for the 2016 Blossom Festival for free tissue flowers from the Girl Scouts, awesome music from the 30’s and 40’s, and more muscle cars than your gear-head could even dream of. I’ll be citybound today, but lucky for us city dwellers (and corndog lovers) the country’s largest corndog festival is happening today!

March 20th:The lucky first 150 customers that strut into Chantal Guillon on the 20th will receive a FREE MACARON in honor of Macaron Day (after making a purchase and whispering the secret phrase found on their website). Take your macaron over to Ameba Records for a free show featuring Japanese guitarist Rei. I just gave her song JUMP a listen and LOVED IT!!!

March 24th: For those of you considering a career in fashion, PeopleWearSF’s lecture in crowdsourcing your fashion business might be right up your alley. Hear sage advice from two successful crowd-sourced fashion entrepreneurs Julia Zolinsky, the business strategist at Blackbird Underpinnings, and Mary Going, founder and CEO at Saint Harridan. Grab your tickets here!

March 26th: Attn Flora Fans: Don’t miss the last beautiful magnolia blooms of the season at the Botanical Gardens. Looking to beautify your home with blooms of your own? Head over to Oakland for the Free Plant Exchange and get growing! If I were to go to one event this month, it would be this: Learn if Your Cat Loves You and More Answers for Cat Lovers. Cat Guru of Ohio State Dr. Tony Buffington talks everything feline and how to keep your kitty purrrrfectly content. Plus, free snacks for humans and cats!


The Office.

We had a blast at 20 Mission’s open house! Great music, awesome art, a photo booth, and drinks a plenty. This office is anything but boring!











20 Mission is a great resource for start ups, techies, and bloggers who can’t spring for an office of their own (and who can right now, really?). A fun environment, free wifi and coffee, and did I mention happy hour? If you’re looking for an affordable and unconventional place to get your business up and running, 20 Mission is a great place to work and play!

<3, PJA

Tee’s Me Tuesday

It rained Saturday and all I wanted to do was drink something warm and get cozy. Unfortunately, my work frowns upon their employees cuddling up in the middle of the work day.

Oh, well! I’m looking forward to a day off in the great indoors with the rain tapping on my window. I’ve recently stopped drinking coffee, but I might have to indulge in a cup or two while wearing this.

Thank goodness Autumn is well on it’s way! I can’t wait to pile on the layers. IN my world, there’s nothing better than sipping a cup of joe at your favorite coffee shop while you blog away. On any given (chilly) Sunday, you might find me in a cozy little cafe corner clacking away at my macbook wearing something like this:

Meanwhile at the Coffee Shop

<3, PJA