Fluffy Hair Days.

Today, I washed my hair. Usually, when I scrub-it-up, it’s guaranteed I’m going to have what I have dubbed a fluffy hair day. This entails that while my hair is soft and smells like eucalyptus, it’s pretty much not going to do what I want it to.

You’d think this would lead me to conclude that if my hair isn’t going right, nothing that this day will bring will. You couldn’t be more wrong, my pessimistic friends! Days like this call for two things: a cute beanie and a bright lip! Need to cover for a fluffy hair day? Here’s an adorable beanie/lip pairings guide I made especially for you using my favorite matte lipsticks from NYX!

From the top of my head...


Today, I wore my panda beanie I picked up last year at Target and NYX’s matte lipstick in Shocking Pink. Quite similar to this pug hat in my chart! I love the cupcake beanies from Neff. I’m crazy about mint this season. Try it with a light pink shade like Hippie Chic. I paired this bejeweled beanie with Alabama, a deep brick red color. Perfect for the holidays! This neon pink beanie from Banana Republic would look great with Pure Red, a classic bright red shade.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily has some great tips for prepping your lips and making your lipstick last longer. Read this before puckering up!

<3, PJA

Thankful Thursday

The holidays always bring about a sense of panic in my world. So, in attempt to bring about some calm and peace in my life, allow me to introduce Thankful Thursdays. I always find that whatever amount of pressure or stress I find myself under, counting my blessings puts everything in perspective. No matter what trouble I encounter (in my financial or personal life) looking at all the beauty in my life makes all these stressors feel a little less important.

So, this Thursday I am thankful for evenings spent in the great indoors. After the everyday hustle and bustle, nothing beats a cozy pair of socks, a warm nook, and a good cup of tea. Turn sweater sleeves into warm socks - reuse the sleeves from old sweaters that were used in the sweater quilt.Dress cozy and stay under a thick blanket while watching a good movie.Hand-knit socks. - OH MY GOSH, HELLO (from top to bottom) Evane, Merlin, Peter, Genevieve, and BENNIEBOY . . . why did i just call him that?

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Don’t fairy lights make bedrooms seem a little more cozier? I have a set wrapped around my white, cast iron headboard. I love that warm light it gives to my otherwise harshly lit room. It’s such an easy and whimsical way to make your room a little brighter.

Great idea put pictures of passed away loved ones on wall to share in your christmas

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Christmas fairy lightsWinter lights make every room look so cozy

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I made the switch from coffee to tea recently and I am so glad I did. Boiling the kettle and making a cup for myself after a long day has become a new, wonderful ritual. I’m looking into brewing a homemade batch, but in the mean time I’m loving a good cup of chai with soy or Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Rooibos.

Busy Burrow Mulberry Teamug of tea and books#tea

8, 9,10.

<3, PJA