You Say its Your Birthday

I turn 28 today! To celebrate the big day, the other Jessie and I had some photo booth fun. Birfday Shenanigans-3402 Birfday Shenanigans-3400 Birfday Shenanigans-3397 Birfday Shenanigans-3396 Birfday Shenanigans-3389 Birfday Shenanigans-3379

Nothing says party quite like a red, 70’s jumpsuit!Birfday Shenanigans-3374 Birfday Shenanigans-3368 Birfday Shenanigans-3367 Birfday Shenanigans-3365 Birfday Shenanigans-3364Enough talk! I’m gonna go out and seize the birthday. 28, here I come!




Home Is Where the <3 Is

I’ve been house and pup sitting for a couple weeks in Oakland. While I do miss the city, Oaktown has grown on me rather quickly. It’s hard not to love this place when you’re staying in a beautiful, comfy home like this!PJA at the House-2395 PJA at the House-2400

PJA at the House-2326Alto the pooch made a special appearance in this little photo shoot! Isn’t he handsome?

PJA at the House-2325 PJA at the House-2310

If you haven’t notice, I’ve been having a little thing for lingerie! I love this Free People bra and I love showing off the details in the back even more. You can pick one up for yourself at the little consignment shop I work at, Urbanity!PJA at the House-2258 PJA at the House-2254

I’ve been on the hunt for a jumpsuit, so you can imagine my sheer excitement when this chambray one sauntered into my shop! Of course, I had to call dibs.

PJA at the House-2204


<3, PJA