Color Me Happy

On Valentine’s Day, my love surprised me with tickets to Color Factory. Saturday, we spent the day chasing rainbows.


One of the first rooms we stumbled upon was so perfectly Wes Anderson. The color, the meticulous collection of items; One day, I’ll have a home that looks like this (maybe in shades of pink?).


I got so excited by the Lite Brite room! Lite Brite was one of those toys I didn’t have growing up, but always wanted. Playing the the jumbo-sized version was a dream.


The ball pit took me back to the days of McDonald’s Play Lands and Happy Meals. I’m loving it!


It’s clear we had a blast wandering the halls, exploring the different rooms, and getting lost in our nostalgia. My fella was such a good sport and I gotta give him mad props for taking a few of these stunning photos. He even art directed a few of the shots! Keeper.


Sunday Sounds….like The Beatles

Welcome to the very special Mothers Day edition of Sunday Sounds! To celebrate the women who brought us into the world, raised us, and shaped us the incredible beings we are today, I decided to post one of my mom’s favorite songs. Happy Mothers Day!Mom

My gorgeous mom with her favorite kitten, Jonesy. So lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful, loving mother (and great genes don’t hurt either!)

<3, PJA

Resolution #3

My third resolution: put love into everything I do.

What the work really needs is more love and less paperwork.  — Pearl Bailey

Image courtesy of Style Caster.

When you love your work, it shows. Filling that product or service with your heart and soul builds stronger and better relationships from the consumer to the CEO.

Loving where you work, your career, and living a passionate life is possible. I never would have thought I could make a living writing and shopping, but yet here I am! Since landing my dream job, my confidence has soared, my productivity has sky rocketed, and my work ethic has greatly improved. Having a love affair with my work builds trust and respect not just with my customers, but within my work place as well.

This is by no means a lucky streak. I worked my butt off before I found the right fit. This year, resolute to do what you love and love what you do. Work hard, hit the pavement, and see your efforts pay off too.

<3, PJA