Wanted: Trench Coat.

Last Friday, I did something not so smart. I refused to check my perfect trench coat that I found on consignment five years ago and, as a consequence, it was stolen. I’d like to have a moment of silence for my poor, lost coat.


Welp, looks like I need a new coat! Need a great trench on a budget? Here are some classic finds for under 120 bucks:

Into the Trenches
<3, PJA

Peepin’ the Street: Re-Styled!

Welcome to yet another installment of Peepin’ the Street: Re-Styled! For those of you unfortunate souls that missed my PtS:RS post from last week, here’s the cliff notes: I find a street style I’m obsessed with and I re-create it using cheap (and very chic) pieces I find on the interwebs!
Image curtesy of Style.com.
Tartan isn’t necessarily a staple of mine (yet), but I try my damndest to incorporate it into my wardrobe. I love how luxe this edgy jacket looks draped over her shoulders! She looks comfortable, but put together; a tough combination to master. Some people make it look so easy!
Tartan and Chambray

Jacket, New Look; Shirt, Madewell; Jeans, H&M; Boots and Clutch, Zara.

<3, PJA