Plaid Friday

Now that the tryptophan has worn off, it’s time to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping! Instead of lining up in front of one of those big boxes at 5 in the morning only to push and shove your way through your gift list, have you thought about staying local?

The small business equivalent to “Black Friday” has officially been dubbed Plaid Friday. I try to make it my personal mission to buy all of my gifts from local shops. That way, I’m supporting the little guys and everyone on my list gets something unique and special!

To pay tribute to Plaid Friday, here are a few of my favorite plaid/tartan pieces to work into your wardrobe. Sadly, these are not from local shops. However, they are all under $200. Wear a little plaid today while you’re shopping your favorite, locally owned shops!

Mad For Plaid

From left: Shirt, Madewell. Coat, John Lewis. Shift Dress, Topshop. Oxfords, Shelly’s London. Bow Tie Bracelet, Brooks Brothers. Backpack, ASOS.

<3, PJA

Quick and Not-So-Dirty Halloween

Halloween always seems to sneak up on me! I usually work that day, so how do I get into the spirit? Aside from eating an entire bag of fun sized Kit Kat’s and Snickers, I throw together my tried-and-true leopard costume. My favorite leopard print dress from Forever 21, tights, black booties, and a pair of cat ears usually does the trick (and treat!). Easy Halloween

You too can have a cheap, easy, and work approved leopard costume! Start with this dress from New Look and add these Victoria’s Secret booties, H&M tights, and Forever 21 crystal ears. Throw everything into this adorable and very portable tote from Gap.

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

<3, PJA