Thankful Thursday

The holidays always bring about a sense of panic in my world. So, in attempt to bring about some calm and peace in my life, allow me to introduce Thankful Thursdays. I always find that whatever amount of pressure or stress I find myself under, counting my blessings puts everything in perspective. No matter what trouble I encounter (in my financial or personal life) looking at all the beauty in my life makes all these stressors feel a little less important.

So, this Thursday I am thankful for evenings spent in the great indoors. After the everyday hustle and bustle, nothing beats a cozy pair of socks, a warm nook, and a good cup of tea. Turn sweater sleeves into warm socks - reuse the sleeves from old sweaters that were used in the sweater quilt.Dress cozy and stay under a thick blanket while watching a good movie.Hand-knit socks. - OH MY GOSH, HELLO (from top to bottom) Evane, Merlin, Peter, Genevieve, and BENNIEBOY . . . why did i just call him that?

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Don’t fairy lights make bedrooms seem a little more cozier? I have a set wrapped around my white, cast iron headboard. I love that warm light it gives to my otherwise harshly lit room. It’s such an easy and whimsical way to make your room a little brighter.

Great idea put pictures of passed away loved ones on wall to share in your christmas

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Christmas fairy lightsWinter lights make every room look so cozy

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I made the switch from coffee to tea recently and I am so glad I did. Boiling the kettle and making a cup for myself after a long day has become a new, wonderful ritual. I’m looking into brewing a homemade batch, but in the mean time I’m loving a good cup of chai with soy or Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Rooibos.

Busy Burrow Mulberry Teamug of tea and books#tea

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<3, PJA