Peepin’ the Street

Today, my head was feeling a little fuzzy (might have been the curry last night). What better way to combat a fuzzy head than with fur? Here’s some of my favorite fuzzy-wuzzy looks from the street.

Stockholm Street Stylewell that's well done. #EmilyLane in Paris.Street Style en Paris Fashion Week © Josefina AndrésStreet fashion: the best of (faux) furs / Tendance: la fausse fourrure en beautéstreet style on from me to youParis Fashion Week street style.  [Photo by Kuba Dabrowski]fashion - street stylefur clutch

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<3, PJA

Blog Crush

There are so many inspirational bloggers I have to thank for firing all of my blogging cylinders. I wanted to thank them by featuring a special blogger in this segment I’d like to call Blog Crush!

Keiko Lynn has been a go-to of mine for outfit inspiration and makeup tutorials for quite some time now. I just love the way she seamlessly pulls everything together in a quirky sweater or a loud jacket! Keiko is quite the layering queen!
The most stylish woman I have ever seen @Keiko Isayama-Visser Lynn with Candy Wrapper Coats(source : Keiko Lynn )and what horses we rode through what somber fieldskeiko lynn: snow bunny

All images courtesy of Keiko Lynn.

How do you dress like a Keiko Lynn? It’s really a lot easier then you think! Just think quirky layers, vibrant colors, and prints with punch! Top off the whole look with an adorable pair of spectacles.



<3, PJA