Thankful Thursday

This Thankful Thursday, I would like to give thanks for winter layers!

I know, I know. You’re all probably sick of hearing about how much I LOVE to pile on my cozy sweaters and jackets, but I know you San Francisco dwellers will agree that dressing in layers is a necessity. Living in this unpredictable climate has made me a master at layered fashion. Here are a few of my favorite layered looks and tips to fashionably maximize your comfort in these chilly winter months.

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I love the look of mixed textures and that cape look is definitely making a comeback. Lately, fashion forward ladies and gentlemen have been snapped rocking their oversized coats in this cape-like fashion. To achieve the perfect, effortlessly-chic girl about town vibe, throw on a chunky knit sweater and casually drape your wool coat over your shoulders.

Cozy cool minus the fur.
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Fur (preferably faux or vintage) has always had a luxurious appeal. A fur vest can add an unexpected, funky element to an otherwise basic outfit. As with my everyday wear, I like to mix feminine and masculine elements. Wear your favorite fur piece over a frilly dress. Extra cool points for topping it all off with a military jacket.
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Emma looking cute in Samuji Forest Coat

the coat...reminiscent of the sweater we recently picked up for mhv. [jr]
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Scarves are the easiest way to warm up and the simplest addition of color, texture, and patterns. I have acquired quite the scarf collection, myself. You can’t go wrong with a knit infinity scarf or one of printed silk. Dare to be bold? Try wrapping up in not one but two scarves!
I hope you’re thankful for these handy layering tips! Stay warm out there!
<3, PJA