1. (Clockwise from top left) These amazing slippers are sold out, but I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) they’ll be restocked. 2. I may or may not have this ruffled blouse in my cart and I may or may not buy it right after I post this. 3. Into The Gloss covered the best of the best makeup looks from NYFW. My favorite? The bare-faced look Proenza Schouler sent down the runway. 4. These gem enamel pins are more affordable than the real-deal and look way cool pinned on a black leather jacket.


What She Pinnin’?

It’s that time of year again! October is tickled pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Here’s a few of my favorite rosy colored pins!
What She Pinnin'?
1. I simply adore the pink, glamorous hotel in this beautiful film. 2. Can’t wait for it to get cold enough to rock my pink coat! Gotta have one? This one from ASOS is your perfect pink fix. 3. My walls are looking pretty bare. I’d love to dress them up with this pastel print. 4. THIS HAT!! 5. I’ve had sneakers on my mind! This pair by Common Projects is a little out of my price range, but a girl can dream.

Flat Lands.

Normally, I opt for heels. I mean, I am 5′ 0″ and I take all the height I can get. These days, I find myself sprinting out the door and I need a shoe I can slip on and slip out. The black Repettos I found by chance at Crossroads have been my shoe of choice recently. Here are a few more dreamy pairs I’d love to get my feet in!

Favorite Flats
You can find all of these flashy, fabulous flats right here in my collection!
<3, PJA