No Tox

This weekend, I discovered my newest beauty product obsession. No Tox uses all natural ingredients and makes everything from soaps to herbal facial steaming potions for your at home spa experience. Check out their full line of deodorants, oils, and oh so much more! I’ve only been using their aluminum free deodorant in Earl Grey & Bay Leaf for a week now and I’m hooked. No-Tox-Aluminum-Free-Natural-Deodorant-6-403x403 Blacktop-Coffee-Cold-Brew-Bar-Exfoliating-Vegan-Soap-403x403 shaving-soap-Woodsman-with-Bentonite-Clay-8oz-2-403x403 Herbal-Facial-Steam-Dry-Combo-Skin-Chamomile-Calendula-Lavender-Rose-Hips2-403x403 Pure-Avocado-Shea-and-Coffee-Butter-Facial-Creme-Vanilla-Spice-403x403 White-Tea-and-Ginger-body-Bar-with-soap-deck1-403x403

Check out their site and start living the No Tox life!


Peachy Keen

Today I felt like a pirate in the best way possible. Peach Wall-0775 Peach Wall-0773 Peach Wall-0767

I love these earrings! Too bad I lost one, but lucky for me, I hear the lone earring is a thing again.Peach Wall-0766 Peach Wall-0763 Peach Wall-0756 Peach Wall-0753 Peach Wall-0751 Peach Wall-0747 Peach Wall-0743

Ok, how good is this peach, 70’s wall? Definitely going to shoot here more often! Peach Wall-0740 Peach Wall-0731 Peach Wall-0730 Peach Wall-0729Peach Wall-0725 Peach Wall-0723 Peach Wall-0721 Peach Wall-0717This whole look (excluding my beloved clogs) comes courtesy of Urbanity! Love a good deal, shopping green, and a fun atmosphere? Come on in and see what new goodies we have in store!



What to Wear to…the Flea Market 

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question one too many time: “What do I wear?!”

My latest segment will hopefully clear this up for some of you and make getting dressed for any occasion a little easier.

Gotta love a day strolling around the flea market! Eating food out of trucks, drooling over antiques, and haggling with vendors all add up to a perfect day in my book. Here’s a couple tips to follow when dressing for the flea:

1. Layer!

PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2896

The flea markets I frequent are typically in big, open lots in areas that exhibit a range of mild to severe weather fluctuations. Come prepared with light layers. A jacket that’s as easy to carry as it is to throw on over your shoulders is your best option.

2. Comfortable Shoes

PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0558

This one should be a no brainer. You’re gonna walk around all day! Opt for something with a closed toe and a very low heel (can’t go wrong with Converse High Tops or even a flash pair of flats!).

3. Dress or Skirt

PJA filter 9

There’s no way I can get through a market without trying on at least one piece of clothing. As most vendors won’t have dressing rooms or stalls, it’s in your best interest to sport a light cotton dress or skirt to easily slip on jeans, shorts, or whatever else catches your eye.

4. Sunscreen

PJA Ferry Building med edit 2 light leaks

Just because the sun isn’t out, doesn’t mean you’re not gonna burn! Without sunscreen, I turn into a lobster at the end of the day. Do yourself a favor and buy a travel size can of spray-on sunscreen to stash in your purse for “touch ups”. Double or triple up on the sun protection with a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.

5. A Cross Body Bag

Peach Wall-0775

A clutch will not do for a flea! I love my second hand Foley + Corrina cross body purse. It’s light, compact, and perfect for strolling the stalls. Extra points for stashing a folding shopping tote!


Modcloth Sale!

The day you hear Modcloth is having a sale is a good day indeed! Here’s some of my favorites on the sale page today.
Modcloth Sale!

1. Like I need another chambray jumpsuit, BUT ITS ON SALE! 2. This fruity top looks so delicious with….3. ….this gingham skirt! What a great picnic look. 4. Speaking of picnic, these unicorn salt and pepper shakers are a great way to add some magic to any dish! 5. Swedish Hasbeens? ON SALE? No brainer.


Jack London

The bad news: I’m bedridden with something very similar to bronchitis. The good news: it gives me time to write on this little old blog!
PJA Jack London Sq-0871 PJA Jack London Sq-0799 PJA Jack London Sq-0785 PJA Jack London Sq-0779 PJA Jack London Sq-0768 PJA Jack London Sq-0710 PJA Jack London Sq-0585 PJA Jack London Sq-0576 PJA Jack London Sq-0572 PJA Jack London Sq-0567

This must be one of my favorite shoots to date featuring two terrific finds. I found this gorgeous silk dress and these Faryl Robin shoes for only a buck at Urbanity’s most recent charity event sale. Score, right? Love the way this dress moves. Can’t help but twirl in this beauty!