A Rainbow of Savings.

Over the Rainbow

1. New Balance 2. Swedish Hasbeens 3. New Balance 4 Steve Madden 5. Rollie

A few of my favorite colorful shoe finds from Nordstrom’s major sale.  Find these styles and more on my Mavatar collection!
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 <3, PJA

Shop it to Me: Adela Mei

I’ve been getting pretty fed up with shopping for myself lately.

Me? Tired of shopping? Can you imagine??

It’s true. It seems there’s nothing made with the short girl in mind: most midi dresses look like tents on my 5 foot flat frame and don’t even get me started on jeans.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this delightful gem and I am never looking back. Adela Mei is an online boutique based right here in SF that curates a selection for garments specifically for (drum roll please)…petit gals! Finally! I’m obsessed with their dark and brooding look book for fall shot on the outskirts of the City.

Fall_Lookbook7 Fall_Lookbook6 Fall_Lookbook4 Fall_Lookbook3


Images courtesy of Adela Mei.

I’ve got my eye on that white collared crop top and that amazing pleated skirt!

<3, PJA

Buried Treasure.

Is there nothing better than spending a hot, sunny Sunday at a flea market hunting for vintage finds, trying on handmade jewels, and eating from food trucks? Me thinks not!

PJA TI Flea filter 15 PJA TI Flea filter 14 PJA TI Flea filter 13 PJA TI Flea filter 12

The minuet I put on this turban, the other Jessie gasped and said, “YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” She was right! For only 10 bucks, I had to make it mine.

PJA TI Flea filter 11

For the Treasure Island Flea Market‘s 3rd Birthday, they brought out all the stops. Amazing food, drinks, and even a petting zoo! These mini horses dressed in flowers were just so darling! Unfortunately, I’m not petit enough to go for a ride.

PJA TI Flea filter 10 PJA TI Flea filter 9 PJA TI Flea filter 8

This gold clutch was another no-brainer. I’ve never seen one where the embossed flowers were painted. So unique and it fits all my essentials. At 10 bucks, I call it a steal!

PJA TI Flea filter 7 PJA TI Flea filter 6

Isn’t this Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus print amazing? I’ve never seen them do a shoot like this. My priorities were accessories, so I  passed it up. Hopefully, I’ll come across it again someday.

PJA TI Flea filter 5 PJA TI Flea filter 4

This is the bus of GOLD! All the clothing inside was 5 bucks a pop! Can’t wait to hit it up again on my next trip.

PJA TI Flea filter 3 PJA TI Flea filter 2 PJA TI Flea filter 1

As always, Jessie Marie did an excellent job as photographer. Want to flea with me? The next flea market will be held at the end of June and you can bet I’ll be there!

<3, PJA