Giamba Spring ’15

If I find a lamp on the beach, rub it, and a genie pops out, my first wish will be a wardrobe of only Giamba’s spring line for 2015. The sixties mod look is back with a vengeance (and I love it)!

YVL_8161 YVL_8127 YVL_8107 YVL_8002 YVL_7953 YVL_7535 YVL_7499 YVL_7485


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What She Pinnin’?

Lovely weather we’re having here in the city. Time to gear up for spring!
1. Loving the grown up version of these kiddy shades. Need to add these to my sunny collection! 2. Obsessing over the jumpsuit trend for this season. I was lucky enough to score a vintage red and white version and I can’t wait to share it with you! 3. These red bow pumps are a must for any occasion any time of the year. 4. PINEAPPLE RING! Need I say more?