Sunday Sounds…Like Buddy Holly

I can’t listen to Buddy Holly and not smile. He just made some great, happy music.

Not to mention how adorkable he was. I love how all of his pictures look like high school yearbook photos.

<3, PJA

Sunday Sounds…Like Lana Del Rey

Tonight I will be attending the 9th annual Fashion on the Square Runway Show. The minuet I heard this Blue Jeans remix, I had a vision of models stomping down the runway.

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Tickets are reasonably priced and all proceeds go to benefit the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Inner City Youths Sports program. Come out and see a fantastic show for a fantastic cause!

<3, PJA

Sunday Sounds…like Carla Bruni

I tried to take a french class once. It was during a spring semester in Santa Cruz. The class took place in a dark, underground room while the sun was shining and begging for me to come out and play.

Needless to say, I dropped the class.

This song makes me wish I stuck it out. *le sigh*

Isn’t Carla Bruni a doll?

<3, PJA