Modcloth Sale!

The day you hear Modcloth is having a sale is a good day indeed! Here’s some of my favorites on the sale page today.
Modcloth Sale!

1. Like I need another chambray jumpsuit, BUT ITS ON SALE! 2. This fruity top looks so delicious with….3. ….this gingham skirt! What a great picnic look. 4. Speaking of picnic, these unicorn salt and pepper shakers are a great way to add some magic to any dish! 5. Swedish Hasbeens? ON SALE? No brainer.


Respectable Renegade.

This weekend, Jessie Marie and I planned on strolling through the Renegade Craft Fair bright and early. We sauntered in around 1pm when the joint was really hoppin. So much so that we couldn’t take pictures without being trampled, so we took our shoot to the streets. IMG_5520

The houses are simply incredible along Marina Blvd. I hope the residents didn’t mind the impromptu photo shoot taking place on their lawn!IMG_5671


I’ve been in love with this turban since I spied it in that gypsy-esque vintage clothing caravan at the Treasure Island Flea. I threw it on in a whim. In this case, adding an accessory before stepping out the door totally worked in my favor.IMG_5600 IMG_5599

You may or may not have seen the unveiling of my new body art by now, but I am absolutely in love with my portrait piece by Zeph Fishlyn. It’s just stunning and quite distracting! I find myself just starring down at it every now and again.IMG_5594 IMG_5593 IMG_5545

When a dress just fits you like so, you know it’s meant to be. This happens to be the case with this fluorescent green number scooped up from one of my favorite local boutiques, Marmalade.IMG_5533 IMG_5528 IMG_5523 IMG_5517Did you hit up the Renegade Craft Fair? What sort of treasures did you snatch up? Did you, like myself, find the whole experience completely over stimulating?

<3, PJA


Indian Summer

It really warmed up Sunday, so it only seemed appropriate to show some skin.

PJA Indian Summer 1 PJA Indian Summer 2

For those of you short girls out there that think you can’t rock a midi skirt, think again. With the right proportions and a little height thanks to my Swedish Hasbeens, I have conquered this H&M skirt! PJA Indian Summer 3

Such a glorious day to bust out the new shades! Got them second hand from my lovely roommate. She has the best stuff!PJA Indian Summer 4 PJA Indian Summer 5 PJA Indian Summer 6 PJA Indian Summer 8 PJA Indian Summer 9 PJA Indian Summer 10 PJA Indian Summer 11 PJA Indian Summer 12 PJA Indian Summer 13 PJA Indian Summer 15 PJA Indian Summer 16 PJA Indian Summer 17 PJA Indian Summer 18I really lucked out at Crossroads Trading Co. the other day. I found both my skirt and this incredible, embroidered crop top. Doesn’t this scream Indian Summer?

PJA Indian Summer 20A question for my SF followers: what do you do during our crazy hot October? Do you escape or embrace it? Do tell in the comments!

<3, PJA


A Few of My Favorite Things

Some mornings are best spent getting dressed in a few of my favorite pieces, grabbing a cup of Blue Bottle coffee, and strolling in (a little late) to work.

PJA Ferry Building accessories edit

You know I’m about to start my work day when I’m toting my big blue bag around town! When I got this job, I treated myself with a new, adorable, “grown up” laptop bag from ASOS. Still in love even though it’s becoming a little rough around the edges.

Remember me Instagraming when I first got these Swedish Hasbeen beauties for my Birthday? I wear them almost every day and thy’ve quickly become the most comfortable pair of heels I own!

PJA Ferry Building after jump edit

PJA Ferry Building cu edit 2

I wasn’t always a coffee drinker. When you’re surrounded by caffeine addicts, It’s hard not to pour yourself a cup. When I want I treat, I’ll stop by Blue Bottle for an Americano. Contrary to belief, Espresso has less caffeine then regular old coffee and doesn’t make me a jittery mess at the start of my day which is a plus!

By the way, this ring is so beyond perfect for me! My dear friend Julian, owner of Blank Shoppe, hooked me up with this tasty treat.

PJA Ferry Building cu edit

PJA Ferry Building Jump edit light leak

PJA Ferry Building Long Edit 2

Found this pretty polka dot frock on the racks at Crossroads Trading Co and it’s become a staple in my wardrobe. Who knew Levi’s made dresses? Well, you do now! I’m certain I wear this dress at least twice a week. Such a great go-to and so perfect all year long.

PJA Ferry Building Long Edit

PJA Ferry Building med edit 2 light leaks

PJA Ferry Building Med Edit

PJA Ferry Building ml edit 2

PJA Ferry Building ml edit 3

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