Sunday Sounds…like Justice

Sorry about the silence this week! Looks like we have some catching up to do.

Quite an exciting week, wouldn’t you say? Fashion Week (more like Fashion Month!), a new Target collaboration (which, sadly, slipped through my fingers), and going full time at work has certainly kept me on my toes! Don’t worry, I’ll have a full week of posts scheduled for this week!

But first, here’s a song to get your blood pumping and your heart racing! This came on as I was racing to Target in hopes of snatching up a mini yellow satchel and I KNEW it had to be featured on Sunday Sounds. To my dismay, all of the purses were sold out. I should have known, but sleep seemed like a better idea than waiting for the 3.1 Phillip Lim launch. Silly me thought she could just waltz in a pick one up at the crack of 10! *le sigh*. It wasn’t meant to be. Like I tell my customers, that just means there is something better out there waiting for me!

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<3, PJA

Phillip Lim X Target

I’m sure you’re all aware of this collaboration by now as every fashion blog on the planet seems to be talking about this. Even so, I’m still in awe after the sneak peek in T magazine.

I still can’t believe that purse is only $34!!!! Soon, my precious! Soon….

<3, PJA