Spirits of Halloween’s Past

Halloween has passed, but I just love to revel in the glory days of costumes, tricks, and treats. 27 years on this planet and dressing up still gives me a thrill. Here’s a couple classic PJA shots for Throwback Thursday!




 1.) Me as a sardonic spider. 2.) That time I was in “De Nile” 3.) Leopard has been a go-to since age two.

<3, PJA

Throwback Thursdays: Beginnings

My best friend sent me this remnant from my past with the subject line, “Look Familiar?”. I knew I HAD to share this for a little Throwback Thursday! Here is a glimpse into my “humble” beginnings as a fashion writer. This was a piece I wrote for my high school paper. To put this kindly, I was still trying to find my voice and testing the patience of my schoolmates was a favorite pastime of mine. It’s quite an amusing read! A gold star to whoever catches my huge spelling error!


<3, PJA