Sock Hop.

I am obsessed with Hansel from Basel’s image gallery. What better way to step up your look than with an adorable pair of socks (or tights)?

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Images courtesy of Hansel and Basel.

If you haven’t noticed, I gave the blog a makeover! The new logo my main squeeze came up with was my main source of inspiration. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, or you’re in the market to re-brand, hit up Alfredo Monster for all your graphic design and artsy fartsy needs.

<3, PJA

Favorite Friday

Hope you all had a spooky-fun Halloween! Mine was spent in doors playing catch up, but don’t worry! I have a jam-packed weekend planned including some post-Halloween celebrations to make up for my lack luster evening.

Can you believe it’s November already? It’s tights weather, my favorite time of the year! Finally! This year, I’m stocking up on solid colors and girly patterns to keep my gams warm.

Heart Tights @ Blasfemmes.comheart tightsBright #tights and cute white shoes... Sign me up!Kate Spade Fall 2013 fashion show styled by the one and only Brad!

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Buy them on the cheap at retailers like Target, Forever 21, and H&M. Extra crafty points for DIY-ing your own! Take sheer tights in the color of your choosing and doodle on them with a fabric pen. So easy and fun in addition to being a great fall fashion update.

<3, PJA