You take a sip of coffee, dry your hair, and slap some makeup on your face. Things are going well, until you open your closet and stare, blank faced, uninspired at your wardrobe. About 10 mins of this makes you 20 mins late to work.

Don’t let this happen again. Here are a few  questions to ask yourself Sunday so you can get off on the right foot come Monday.

  1. Have you done your laundry? This phenomena often happens to me when I (literally) have nothing to wear. If my hamper is full and I’m down to my last pair of tights, its time to take a trip to the laundromat. PJA Pink House 2-16 hi-res (17 of 33)
  2. How can I wear that ______ in a new way? Finding a style uniform is smart, but sometimes the same thing day after day can get a little stale. Mix things up by wearing a cool pair of sneakers with trousers or a soft t-shirt over (or under) a sundress.Peach Wall-0775
  3. Are there things that need mending/reconstructing? Your favorite trench is missing a button; that silk blouse busted a seam; and your old favorite pair of jeans have seen better days. Time to get to work! Find that button, sew that hole up, or add some patches to make your jeans feel brand new.IMG_9044
  4. What’s the weather like? Come July, I know it’s time to bust out the sweaters and pile on the light layers. Summer in the city usually involves cold, wet, misty mornings and sunny afternoons.  Seasons vary from climate to climate, so do your research. PJA shopping
  5. When was the last time I cleaned my closet? Has it been a week? A month? Years? It might be  time. If you need help and you happen to be in the Bay Area, I’d love to lend you a hand. For more information about my Closet Cleanse service, click here.



When things fall apart, you can still look like you got your shit together.

Here’s how to look like you have everything under control.

Match-y Match-yPJA Ferry Building Long Edit 2 Not into the mono-chromatic, matching look? Me neither, but a little matching can go a long way. Matching one color in your ensemble, be it your lips with your shoes or you bag with your jacket, gives you some instant polish without looking like a crayon.

Go NudePJA U ChanelS 11-11-13Skin tone shoes, even with a print or embellishment, do wonders for your wardrobe. My nude, studded flats are my go-to nowadays. They add length to my legs, go with everything, and have an air of sophistication. Pro tip: If you’re going nude, find a pair close to your skin tone. Otherwise, your feet will stand out like a sore thumb.

Blue Collar                        PJA Indianrock 4There’s just something about a collared shirt. Even when layered under a laid-back t-shirt, a collar makes me feel more professional and confident in the work place. If your aim is to look like a boardroom bad-ass, throw on a shirt (or dress) with a proper collar.




Daylight Savings: Seize the Day!

So, Daylight Savings was, of course, LAST Sunday. In the past, it was a day I dreaded. I love my sleep, so falling back was always a time to celebrate. However, springing forward always seemed to be a challenge….until 2016!

PJA Pink House 2-16 hi-res (33 of 33)

We sprung forward and I sprung out of bed at 5 am feeling (shockingly) ready for whatever the day was to bring. Since then, I’ve found a new appreciation for this extra hour of daylight.

Since there are many of you out there still struggling to adjust to the time change, I whipped up this list of things to do to take full advantage of our longer days:

  • First things first: Wake up early! You know how you always feel like the days are never long enough? Well, now they are! Wake up while it’s still dark and start your morning routine early so you can tackle the rest of your new, long day.
  • Take the long way home. There’s no need to rush on home after work. Why not walk, bike, or even just stroll to the next bus station? The fresh air will do you some good and it’ll give you time to find a new appreciation for the shops, streets, parks, etc you see on your commute everyday.
  • Experiment in the Kitchen. After you clock out, find a new recipe on Pinterest and stop by your local grocer to grab some fresh ingredients. Spend the evening with your lover or friends chopping, sauteing, or baking something new and delicious!
  • Get your Sweat on! Go to the gym or find yourself a home workout that really challenges you. These days, it’s been all about Insanity Max 30 in our household.

How do you seize the day? Share and share alike in the comments below!


Let’s Talk About Change

Change: that inevitable thing that happens. The thing that keeps life going. Change can be gradual or abrupt. It can be positive (a promotion at work, a new home) or it can come in the form of a less than welcomed surprise (getting fired, being forced out of your apartment).

Either way the dice is thrown, change can have it’s challenges. A promotion means new responsibilities and a new home entails the daunting task of moving. Even seemingly negative changes have an upside! The promise of meeting new people in a new living situation or getting to pursue the dream you put on hold for work.

Whatever happens and whenever it comes, it seems to happen just when it’s really needed. Life is funny like that, isn’t it? I’ve had my fair share of changes, as most of you, and I’ve developed a system of sorts to help ease the burden of transition.

PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2803

  1. Process – After your initial reaction, it might take you a minute to accept the changes coming your way. Take your time to wrap your mind around what affect this change will have on your life. Cry, breathe, meditate, do yoga, or whatever it is you need to do to fully absorb and accept this eminent change.PJA filter 22
  2. Dream -Think of all the positive things that can come from this change. Think of all the positive impacts you can make with your new role at work, pin your dream decor schemes, or revisit the startup idea you put on hold for your old job. PJA Ferry Building cu edit 2
  3. Plan – Do your research and create a game plan. Here is my very simple game plan process: take out a piece of paper (or open up a new word doc) and start writing. It doesn’t have to make any sense at first, just let your subconscious flow onto the page. After you’ve written everything down, pick out your best ideas and thoughts and organize them in a way that makes sense to you (be it a list, a chart, a time line, whatever!). Let this be your loose change execution guide.PJA Mountain Goat Hill-0792
  4. Action- Take your game plan and go! Apply for the job you’ve always wanted, go see a realtor, grab a friend with a truck to hit the yard sales/local ikea for furnishings.

Whatever you do: Don’t. Stop. Change won’t halt just because you’d rather sit around in your PJ’s eating mac’n’cheese watching the new Wet Hot American Summer series on Netflix. Whether you start the change or it happens to you, do as the rivers do and go with the flow.

Have you experienced a major shift recently? How are you dealing with this change?


What to Wear to…the Flea Market 

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question one too many time: “What do I wear?!”

My latest segment will hopefully clear this up for some of you and make getting dressed for any occasion a little easier.

Gotta love a day strolling around the flea market! Eating food out of trucks, drooling over antiques, and haggling with vendors all add up to a perfect day in my book. Here’s a couple tips to follow when dressing for the flea:

1. Layer!

PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2896

The flea markets I frequent are typically in big, open lots in areas that exhibit a range of mild to severe weather fluctuations. Come prepared with light layers. A jacket that’s as easy to carry as it is to throw on over your shoulders is your best option.

2. Comfortable Shoes

PJA Mountain View Cemetary-0558

This one should be a no brainer. You’re gonna walk around all day! Opt for something with a closed toe and a very low heel (can’t go wrong with Converse High Tops or even a flash pair of flats!).

3. Dress or Skirt

PJA filter 9

There’s no way I can get through a market without trying on at least one piece of clothing. As most vendors won’t have dressing rooms or stalls, it’s in your best interest to sport a light cotton dress or skirt to easily slip on jeans, shorts, or whatever else catches your eye.

4. Sunscreen

PJA Ferry Building med edit 2 light leaks

Just because the sun isn’t out, doesn’t mean you’re not gonna burn! Without sunscreen, I turn into a lobster at the end of the day. Do yourself a favor and buy a travel size can of spray-on sunscreen to stash in your purse for “touch ups”. Double or triple up on the sun protection with a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.

5. A Cross Body Bag

Peach Wall-0775

A clutch will not do for a flea! I love my second hand Foley + Corrina cross body purse. It’s light, compact, and perfect for strolling the stalls. Extra points for stashing a folding shopping tote!