Favorite Friday (the Fourth)

First of all, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Go eat a hot dog, drink a brewskie, and watch the fireworks!

Second, oh my gosh it’s been a whole year of PJA! Already? Time flies. (Note to self: write a proper 1 year celebration post.)

Finally, I love flowers. I try to have a fresh bunch in my room at all times. I absolutely adore this flower map (not sure who the original artist is! Anyone know off hand?)


Image courtesy of Makenna Alyse.

<3, PJA

Chicks, Man

The other night, I found myself scrolling through Modcloth’s Style Gallery when I found this entry:

Obviously, I was curious. So, I indulged myself and checked out his (her) blog, Chick Like Me. Rye, a comedian based in Los Angeles, really knows how to wear a skirt!

I mean, how adorable is this outfit?! It looks like something straight out of my closet! It’s official. I’m a fan.

I found these images on Rye’s blog. There’s a ton more fabulousness on his/her Tumblr. Want a healthy dose of inspiration and body image positivity? Go follow Rye! You won’t regret it!

<3, PJA