The formula for the perfect Sunday uniform: Cozy sweater + black jeans + Adidas + leather jacket + neckerchief.

pja-home-coffee-8939pja-home-coffee-8941pja-home-coffee-8947pja-home-coffee-8955pja-home-coffee-8958Tried my first Birthday Cake Latte over at Home Cafe and all I can say is, “Wow”. Such a visual and literal treat! If you’re into blue coffee, go get you some.


Leather jacket & jeans, Crossroads. Neckerchief, APPRVL. Adidas, ASOS. Sweater, UNIQLO.

Oh! BTW, my hair is blue, thanks to Meghan Doyle. If you’re in the mood for a new do’ and you’re in San Francisco, book her today!


What She Pinnin’?

What She Pinin'
1. I’m trying to eat healthy and it’s kind of a challenge. This raw cookie dough ice cream recipe from Into the Gloss might help curb my sweet tooth. For a little while, at least. 2. I am OBSESSED with Uniqlo’s Moomin t-shirts. Because I bite and I like it. 3. According to the Shark Week Countdown, there are only 86 days left until the world’s favorite week-long nature program! I’m celebrating by making a Givenchy inspired megalodon tooth necklace thanks to this tutorial. 3. Anyone want to go for a dip? This lake in Senegal is home of a particular harmless bacteria that naturally turns the water pink. So lovely! Like swimming in a giant punch bowl!
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<3, PJA

Wanted: Trench Coat.

Last Friday, I did something not so smart. I refused to check my perfect trench coat that I found on consignment five years ago and, as a consequence, it was stolen. I’d like to have a moment of silence for my poor, lost coat.


Welp, looks like I need a new coat! Need a great trench on a budget? Here are some classic finds for under 120 bucks:

Into the Trenches
<3, PJA