Fountain Head

While walking the dogs we sat together, the mister and I found a little piece of heaven at the San Joaquin park. The fountain with it’s bright blue water and the theater with ghostly carvings was absolutely breath taking. The perfect spot for an afternoon shoot!
PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2994 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2977 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2921A rather GRAVE statement in such a happy outfit! I thought this beautiful park was the perfect setting to show off my Zara botanical print dress.
PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2900 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2886 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2870

There is just something about a red purse! My dear friend brought this back from Italy for me. It was love at first sight!PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2853 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2847 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2839 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2819 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2818 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2807 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2803 PJA Juaquin Miller Park-2933



Can you keep a secret?

This month, The Method Makers want to let you in on a little secret: their first ever Secret Show! If you want to check out some amazing work produced by talented bay area artists, sign up to reserve your spot ASAP! Space is limited, so take a couple of seconds to get connected with The Method Makers. The location and time will not be released until the day of the show, so sign up to stay in the loop!

So, assuming you’re in San Francisco and you’re psyched about this show, you’re probably wondering what the heck you should wear! Guess what? I did all the work for you! I go to quite a few shows every month what with being the arm candy to one pretty amazing artsy fella. When we go to galleries, I like to keep my look clean and mod with a little edge. Rocking basics with a little something extra makes you look like a work of art! Check out these very open gallery pieces for under $100.

Gallery Glam

From left: Sweater, Mango. Jacket, Isabel Marant for H&M. Leggings, Dorothy Perkins. Clutch, Zara. Shoes, Seycelles. Ring, Melody Ehsani.

<3, PJA

Peepin’ the Street: Re-Styled!

Welcome to yet another installment of Peepin’ the Street: Re-Styled! For those of you unfortunate souls that missed my PtS:RS post from last week, here’s the cliff notes: I find a street style I’m obsessed with and I re-create it using cheap (and very chic) pieces I find on the interwebs!
Image curtesy of
Tartan isn’t necessarily a staple of mine (yet), but I try my damndest to incorporate it into my wardrobe. I love how luxe this edgy jacket looks draped over her shoulders! She looks comfortable, but put together; a tough combination to master. Some people make it look so easy!
Tartan and Chambray

Jacket, New Look; Shirt, Madewell; Jeans, H&M; Boots and Clutch, Zara.

<3, PJA